So begins out intrepid adventure…

Since recorded time, the western ocean has served as the vast edge of the kingdom of Iperia. Then one day out in the middle of the ocean, with only a few days of strange purple-tinged fog to herald its arrival, a new large island continent appeared. From nowhere. Neither the sages, the scholars, or the priests could explain where these new lands had come from or why.

Thirty years have passed since the arrival of what has been colloquially called the New Lands (or Newland by colonists). The vast majority of its forests, hills, mountains, deserts, and plains remain untouched by civilization and mostly unexplored. Upon its arrival the kingdom sent veteran explorers, followed by the members of the newly founded Explorers Corps, then came brave adventurers, and finally the common folk yearning for a chance at a new start or riches.

It was during these excursions that explorers discovered signs of an old forgotten civilization, native wild elves that followed animal tribes, and magic-laced minerals in the ground that may change the world. Three such ores have been discovered and brought back for the elite and learned to marvel at. Floatstones that levitate above ground of their own accord; sunstones that seem to emit the rays of the sunn from their very being, and burnstones that warm the air and ground around them eternally. History will come to mark this as the beginning of the great Stone Search.

The kingdom has issued the Proclamation of Dawn's Promise (aka "The Promise") that says anyone who chooses to travel to the New Lands can be absolved of (minor) sins and transgressions and can lay claim to land and a new start.  The kingdom encourages colonization, exploration, and industry.  Those willing to brave the wilds and dangers of the new world were sparse at first, but as news spread of the valuable and unique ores, many more headed out to carve a new destiny and fortune. Minor criminals were sentenced to exile to New Land, debtors allowed the Kingdom to pay their debts in exchange for passage to New Land, hard-luck farmers abandoned fallow fields to strike out new, and many more easily found reasons to brave the dangers and travel the seas to New Land.

The city of Waypoint greats travelers after a month-long ocean journey. A bustling city that started off servicing the Explorers Corp and adventurers but is now a thriving mercantile center for exotic discoveries and mineral trade. Small towns have been chartered by the kingdom deep into the wilds in an effort to attract new citizens, but still always on the edge of threats from wylders or strange beasts.

Our heroes find themselves newly arrived in Waypoint, banded together under a mutual destination of the small edge town of Deadwood.

Adventures in the Newland Frontier

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